Roadmap Course Help and Support


Whether you want a full set up of your sales funnel to get selling ASAP or you just need a little help to get across the finish line, I’m here to help! help, domain help, email set up and more.  Schedule a call today and well meet over video to sort out all the bugs that are holding you up.

I look forward to working with you! ~ Brenda Hoffman

Need to Up Your Roadmap Game?

Use code: FREEMOCKUP for free Roadmap course mockups for your personal use. A $27 value!  Use the link below.

Plus check out a full suite of dfy digital products to help you promote The Roadmap Course!

Join the new Roadmap to Business Facebook Group

A lot of at the tech questions are what others are struggling with, too.  So I created a Facebook group to help.  

Join now while it’s open.  Soon it will be for customers only.